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Why Shrinking Cities Sprawl. Sierra Magazine. For most people, the word "sprawl" conjures up images of boomtowns in
the rapidly growing West and South, like Las Vegas, or Nashville, or
Atlanta. But metropolitan areas with stagnant-or even
declining-populations can also suffer from sprawl. To read, click image at left. 



Shining Stars. Yankee Magazine, April 2003
Just about every week, somewhere in New England, the Red Star Twirlers
take the stage. Ranging in age from just six years old to 20, the 36
girls in this troupe flip, twist, toss, and twirl a baton in ways that
defy both gravity and the imagination. One performer balances an 18inch
baton across the bridge of her nose; another rolls a still- twirling
baton across her back, then catches it-still rotating-in her other
hand. Still another Red Star throws her baton far into the air, snakes
her hand between her egs, and catches it behind her back before tossing
it to another twirler. All of these  acrobatics are perfectly timed to
music, interspersed with dance moves. All of the twirlers beam from ear
to ear.Download shining_stars.pdf