September Salmagundi

The results of my fatigue-induced end-of-week web surfing:

  • Intelligent Designer is needed to fix New Orleans, according to The Swift Report.
  • Babies are most likely to be born on Tuesdays, and least likely to be born on Sundays,according to the CDC. Some babies might soon have two biological mothers.
  • Good news: You can make a decent omelet in a plastic baggie! (This is why I’m not allowed in our kitchen.) And spreading infections improves your self-confidence.
  • Good call: The New York Times Book Review pans an uncommonly silly book about pornography, written by a former American Demographics colleague. It’s about time that someone publicly pointed out this author’s alarming lack of reportorial skill and analytical ability.

One thought on “September Salmagundi

  1. Alison, here are a few topics that may be of interest:

    CNN announced 9/9 that costs for heating our homes with natural gas will be 71% higher this winter than last. Our February ’04 gas and electric bill for a big house was $800. Since CNN says electricity will go way up too, we can expect a Feb ’06 gas and electric bill over $1,400. Then gas for the cars is on top of that yet, so our energy bills this winter could be $2,000 per month. We are going to close up 2/3 of our house, add insulation to the attic, staple plastic over the windows, and crank up the woodburning stove 24/7. We were shocked to find that firewood now goes for $225/cord, delivered, here in SE PA. We’ll use 3 cords. What will happen to poor people in cold climes this winter? As Bill Maher said last night, “The rest of W’s term is going to be a Bush family nightmare — taking care of poor black people.”

    Impeachment anyone? Or just a mid-term stampede to the left? As people freeze in their homes this winter and pay well over $3/gallon for gas, the body count will rise in the Gulf of Mexico as well as in Iraq, and the word will get out no matter how hard the Bush gang tries to suppess it. Nancy Pellosi’s investigation of Bush team incompetence and unpreparedness will read like antonyms against the president’s own report and the inquiry of the Republican Congress. The media is many times more vitriolic and enraged than they were the last time they got mad — when the Watergate news broke. The Bush teflon seems to be cracking. It looks like some of this stuff is going to stick.

    Meanwhile, some real progress has been made in restoring honest elections in the U.S. Even if Bush isn’t impeached or forced to resign, and even if the Republicans refine their election cheating tactics to a high art form, there may be a massive landslide to the left in 2006 that could make Clinton’s mid-term disaster look like the proverbial Sunday school picnic.

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