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No Exit (Mother Jones, 9/2005)

Ever since I was evacuated from New Orleans last September, in what would prove to be the city’s last near-miss from a hurricane, I’ve been thinking about the problem of evacuating people who don’t have vehicles from disaster-prone areas. 

Here’s the story that I wrote about it last week for Mother Jones.


One thought on “No Exit (Mother Jones, 9/2005)

  1. This is a symptom of a larger issue as well: a national discourse which simply pretends many non-normative groups don’t exist. It’s a growing trend, I think. For example: if you read political speeches right now in much of the country, you’ll often get a sense that non-Christians don’t exist, but you’ll always get a sense that atheists don’t exist — the most tolerant politicians will make room for all forms of worship of God but certainly not for the godless.

    I’d rate public transit users somewhere slightly above atheists in terms of visibility and slightly below the poor, another group which in general seems not to be a constituency on the federal level.

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