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No Exit–Announcements

I’m doing a series of radio interviews about the No Exit story in Mother Jones. I’ll post sound links if I can.

September 15th, 2:15 pm. Arnie Arneson show on WTPL FM, New England. (Live)

September 15th, WMNF FM , Tampa, Florida. (Taped) Update: Have a listen here.

September 19th, KPFA FM Berkeley, California (Taped) Update: Have a listen here, interview starts at 12:30 into the sound file, goes to about 34:30. I was interviewed along with the Dr. Frances Winslow, San Jose’s director of emergency preparedness.

Okay, so I didn’t look specifically at San Jose in my story, and there’s one cringe-inducing point in the interview when I’m talking about the potential for a plane strike on a nuclear power plant, and Dr. Winslow points out that there are no nuclear power plants in the bay area. But if you listen through to the end of the program, the host Andrea Lewis points out that there are other nuclear facilities in the area.

September 20th, 8:05 AM, WWRL, NYC.  (Live)


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