Window Shopping–3

On Wednesday, I spent most of the day in the display window at Housing Works’ thrift shop’s 23rd Housingworkslegsupstreet store. I watched the display go from a maroon and gold ultra-luxe theme (left), to a pop 70s theme (below), a feat which was accomplished completely  between the hours of 10am and 6pm. Visual designer Emily Hull Martin had no idea what she’d do when she walked in in the morning.

HousingworksmydayEmily searched through stacks of random donations, eventually hatched an idea. The photo at right is the display that Emily, along with two helpers, created. One object in the room served as the inspiration for the whole display. I’m not sure if it’s obvious which it is. Anyone want to take a guess? (Click here see images of each object in the room individually.)

I’m still sorting through my notes from the day, but here are a few thoughts: 1) it’s good that they edit out the paint-drying scenes on those real-life TV decorating shows; 2) it’s very strange to stand in a display window all day, especially in my neighborhood, mental-hospital central; 3) The stripes on the wall are exactly the same as the stripes that adorned my bedsheets when I was five years old. (Also, the retail space that Housing Works occupied used to be my favorite toy store when I was kid, Child Craft.)


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