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Bright Lights, Bigger City –Continental, March 2006


Almost missed that this story had been published. (I guess I haven’t been on an airplane recently!) Anyway, here’s a story on the Manhattanization of Las Vegas. It has very little to do with casinos, which to me, at least, is an impressive trick for a story about Vegas.


One thought on “Bright Lights, Bigger City –Continental, March 2006

  1. Dear One ~

    I was so pleased to receive the May issue of Yoga Journal today and to find your fantastic article. Thank you for including my thoughts and for correctly quoting me. As you know, that is not always done by all writers. And thank you, too, for including John Dulmage’s thoughts. I know he’ll be pleased. I look forward to seeing more of your work in YJ. They could use your clear, well written and very grounded work more often.

    On a personal note, how are you doing? I think of you often and wish you lived closer so we could continue to practice together. I hope you are finding a way to practice Yoga in NYC.

    Many thanks and best wishes for your continued success ~

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