Is this Diversity?

"Girls need to explore the world around them and Barbie dolls help show them the endless possibilites available to them. Through Barbie, [Girls] project themselves into their individual dreams of growing-up, and they [are] able to express their interpretation of the adult world around them". Ruth Handler, Barbie’s inventor.

Question: does Barbie’s interpretation of Asian and Hispanic look a whole lot like Asian and Hispanic women? 




One thought on “Is this Diversity?

  1. The Kira doll is ridiculous – it looks just like Barbie with dyed hair. On the surface the Teresa one at least looks different from Barbie, though I’m not sure I would say it looks Hispanic.

    But doesn’t this point to a bigger issue as well….as a white person I don’t look much like Barbie either. Isn’t this about trying to capture everything different and unique about people and placing it into a perfect and nice looking little package. I don’t know, but for me that still seems to be the bigger issue. The racial diversity just seems like another symptom.

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