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Tattoos on My Mind

I read this article about disappearing tattoo ink in the New Scientist, and it reminded me that I spent a lot of time a year or so being a little too interested in tattoos. I have no tattoos myself, and really have never wanted one –which on its own is enough to make me mildly curious about people who go for tattoos in a big way.  My curiosity became acute after  I wrote a story about a very interesting labor dispute that Costco had with a much-tattooed, much body-modified employee. The employee said that her bod mod-ing was in fact her religion..and the lawyers took it from there. (Here’s a link to the story, you might have to register to read and if you’re worried about leaving tracks for the NSA to follow, try BugMeNot.)

I still wonder whether disputes like the Costco conflagration are going to become more common as an increasing number of people have tattoos or other body modifications. I also wonder whether a tattoo that is a temporary is really a tattoo at all?


One thought on “Tattoos on My Mind

  1. My mom and I were just talking about tattoos! She was at Walgreens and the cashier had a huge bandage on her arm…my mom asked her what happened and she said nothing; she just has to cover up her tattoo when she’s at work. I thought that was so weird. She’s respectable enough for them to hire, thus showing that perfectly respectable people can have tattoos, but she still has to cover up her tattoo because Walgreens management thinks that it maight make customers think she’s…what? Unsavory? All very strange.

    You didn’t link to the Costco article in your post and I want to read it!

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