BlackBerry Thumb Massage?

Handmass One privilege of being a workaholic: the ability to self-righteously declare your unalienable right to a massage. It’s not a luxury, but a necessity, such people (and I just have no idea who they are) argue. Indeed in some circles you’ll often hear comparisons of tightness of back muscles , in the way that gym rats discuss and measure the bulge of their biceps.

So here’s a new necessity: a BlackBerry Thumb Massage, or what used to be called a hand-massage –no explicit implication intended. It aims to soothe the tense muscles of those that develop hand cramps from too much handling of their hand-held devices.

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter H.

Thumb massage may become the next big corporate benefit. This morning, CNN reported that lawyers  are warning their employer clients that they could be liable for their employee’s  on- the-job thumb-strain.

On the other hand, CNN has evidently reported this story before –and was slapped for trumping up a trend by the Columbia Journalism Review. But since there’s such a pleasant remedy available, thumb-strain is an ailment that deserves all the legitimization it can get, n’est pas?