Gifts with Subtext

‘Tis the season, etc. etc., a time when most of us go into a frenzy of gift-giving.  Here are a few gift ideas that recently caught my eye.

You all remember the fun of Hurricane Katrina destroying New Orleans, of course. So why not remind your kids about that shining moment in our nation’s history with New Orleans inspired toys? I am particularly fond of the Monopoly-like board game called "Late for the Sky", which:

includes landmarks and famous names like Café Du Monde, French Market, Bourbon Street,
The Times-Picayune as board spaces and crab, steamboat, saxophone as
some of the tokens. The updated game in 2007 will reflect the change in
the city and its popular haunts since 2005.

I wonder if they’ll use the Superdome for the jail box? In keeping with the New Orleans theme of delayed services, this game won’t be available until the summer of 2007.

If national tragedy doesn’t inspire, maybe you can save your friends and family from their tragic ugliness. I’m really not sure how you’d apply the gift wrap, but  last year, 41% of plastic surgeons said that their patients received a cosmetic procedure as a gift, up from 31% the year before.  The most popular procedures are non-surgical –like Botox injections–so the risk of accidental death from this gift is probably not as high as it could be. Statistically speaking, however, more exotic surgeries, like this one, are rare.


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