Words You’ll See More Of

Last Monday, L. Gordon Crovitz, publisher of the Wall Street Journal, took up most of the paper’s Op-Ed page with a long letter to readers about upcoming changes to the nation’s business newspaper of record. 

My favorite part is this bold promise:

"…expect to see more forward-leaning coverage, with headlines featuring predictive and explanatory words like "will" and "means" and "why"."

I like the plan of committing to certain words. In fact, over the course of my career, I have occasionally made an effort to include this word or that in my work. (Machiavelli was one, I’ve used it twice, in fact. A prize of some value to anyone who can identify both instances correctly.)

But "will", "means" and why" are such common words, hardly a worthy challenge. So I’m now considering which words my readers should expect to see more of.

In the running: ribaldry, connubial, jounce, porcine and prance.


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