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From Hitchikers to Private Jets: The Season Begins in Aspen -Huffington Post, 12/20/2007

Img_0330I’m in Aspen now, and the high season, which will start on the
Friday before Christmas, is just about to begin. For right now, it’s a
bit quiet, and the big excitement is that Heidi Klum is here (because
husband Seal will be performing), and the scuttle is that paparazzi got
kicked out of the lodge at the Buttermilk
mountain where they
were lying in wait for pics of Klum and brood on skis.

    Aspen is about ideas,
    and one idea here is that celebrities can be free to just chill out and
    not be bothered by their celebrity -while getting, of course, the
    full-fledged celebrity treatment. This doesn’t make any sense if you
    stop to think about it for a moment, but what can you say about a place
    that has officially sanctioned, apparently town government-installed
    "thumbing stations" for hitchhikers, and at the same time enough
    private jet traffic that you must clarify whether you have arrived at
    the public or the private airport when arranging transport into town?

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