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How to Take a Safari in a Hurry: 1/23/08

Img_0116A South African safari is one of those vacations that you might dream about for very long time –imagining yourself climbing into a Land Rover under that big dome sky, and bouncing across the veldt, dotted with iconic, low spreading fig trees, until you spot a herd of elephants — and then cautiously following your armed guide, single-file, to take a closer look.

Then, as the sunset paints the green and tan grasslands rosy, stopping to take in the view while you sip a cocktail and snacking in some biltong (South African jerky) — until your guide picks up the low rhythmic sound of lions communicating with each other. You’ll track the lion pride down and ride along with them as they prowl.

A safari really can be like this– but South Africa is very far away, and the vacation time that you can afford to take seems very short.  But no need to put off your safari dreams for retirement, as I discuss in my latest column for