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In Praise of Imperfect Pets–The Huffington Post, 5/21/2008

Last week, Ginger, my beloved gray tabby cat, died.  I’ve been very sad about it, but the one bright spot has been the adoption of a new cat, Jack. I wrote about that, and the very cool nonprofit that sheltered Jack until he came to his new home, for the Huffington Post.
Here are two pictures of Ginger, from a trip we took with her last summer. The bed she’s on in the first is at the InterContinental in Montreal, the second is in a cabin we rented in Quebec. (She was totally psyched to discover that the cabin had mice! I was less so.) The darkish one is a tender moment Ginger had with our big orange cat Buzzy, and then there’s one of our new guy, Jack.

Speaking of black cats, I didn’t realize until today that black cats are often discriminated against because some people really do think they’re bad luck. I can’t imagine anything more ridiculous. You can learn lots about black cats, and all things cat, actually, at Your Black Cat, which was nice enough to link to my HuffPo piece today.

UPDATED: The charity that we adopted Jack from, the Picasso Fund, featured Jack in its May 2008 newsletter.