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Sick of the Heat? Try One of These Cool Vacations. The Street, 6/20/08

Img_0512There’s not a whole lot that’s wrong with summer, seasonally speaking: trees in full foliage, flowers in bloom, relaxing swims in a lake or ocean, long sunset evenings sipping wine in outdoor cafes, the tacit agreement that no one really works on Fridays. Not a lot wrong except when you’re in the middle of a wretched heat wave.

When it gets much above, say 85 degrees, and when it’s humid, I start to fantasize about the Fall. But rather than wishing the season away, why not plan a vacation to somewhere cool and delightful instead? Reprising my popular story which ran in Inc. last year, here’s the 2008 edition of my picks for summer  destinations that are cool in temp, as well as cool in other ways:

  1. San Francisco (pictured above)
  2. Chile
  3. Buenos Aires
  4. Kangaroo Island in Australia
  5. St. Petersburg, Russia
  6. Iceland
  7. Norwegian Fjord country

The only repeater from my 2007 list is Iceland. Although I still highly recommend each of the destinations on last year’s list, there are so many wonderful places on the planet  that it seemed a shame to repeat at all. But Iceland is such a great place to go in the summer time, and it’s a quick plane hop for anyone on the East Coast, and there was this really cool tour on offer, so I figured I pretty much HAD to include it.  I would have also included Alaska this year if I hadn’t recently written about it in my column.