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Plan Now for Your Christmas Ski Trip –The Street, 8/8/08

As a magazine writer, I’ve always written stories out of season –most magazines are wrapping up their summer issues while everyone is still bitching about the snow and the cold, or trying to conjure up a memory of what it’s like to be freezing cold when the heat is stifling.  Now that a lot of my work is running online, there’s a lot less time between the time I finish the story and when it runs –sometimes mere minutes! So I can write about the Fall when the leaves are actually turning pretty colors, or the summer while I’m sitting on the beach –which offers readers the advantage of the freshest information, and is much less jarring for me.
So it was weird to find myself writing about  Christmas skiing in late July, but, as I point out in my story, this is actually the exact right time to book your holiday ski trip, no matter what the temperature is outside at the meoment. Oh also, I’ve failed to point this out in the past, but my column for The Street also runs on its sister site, Main Street.