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Burnin’ Love –US Air Magazine, October 2008

Cover0810So I suppose I’ve gotten a little obsessed with the hot chicken in Nashville. If you didn’t know, hot chicken is the hottest (as in the spiciest) fried chicken I’ve ever tasted. I am fairly certain it is the hottest fried chicken in the entire world. I  haven’t tasted all the fried chicken in the world, though, so if you know of a place that makes fried chicken any hotter, will you please email me?
For the October issue of US Airways magazine, I check out three hot chicken shacks in Nashville.  I’d only been to one of the shacks on a previous visit, so when I was researching this story, I hit four of them (one, Chicken Real, not included in the story since it’s a little ways outside of the city) in a whirlwind 24 hours, which meant I had hot chicken for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack.  But I’ve recovered now and am ready to go back to Nashville and dig in again!