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Barbados: Drink in the the History and the Rum –The Street, 10/3/08

As a travel writer, I estimate that I’ve been on, oh, a squillion historic house tours.  These can be incredibly interesting or bone-numbingly boring, depending on the people who lived in the house, and how good the tour guide is.

Well, I went to Barbados last month, and toured  St. Nicholas Abbey, pictured at left, which has found a sure-fire way to make a historic house tour enjoyable: serve cocktails. Of course, St. Nicholas isn’t only a historic house, but also a still-working sugar cane plantation, which distills small batches of 10 year old rum, and offers tastes gratis to visitors.  That’s the kind of history that I think we can all appreciate.  Read more about history and rum on Barbados in my latest column for The Street.