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Travel for Obama –The Huffington Post, 10/8/08

I will confess: I have been completely riveted by, and obsessed with, our upcoming presidential election. I have been for months now. In the morning, the first sites I look at (and on my BlackBerry, before I'm even out of bed!) are Real Clear Politics, Daily Kos, The New Republic and CNN's Politics, and then, for balance and to propel me out from under the covers, National Review Online. Once a political science major, always a political science geek, I suppose.

So I've married my two passions, politics and travel, in this fun piece for the Huffington Post. I'm encouraging readers to plan a little trip to a swing state, to do a little Obama volunteering and then to have a little fun. (I also believe that traveling is a profoundly political act, but I'll have more to say about that another time.)  The picture, above left, is a fun map of the Kinsey Institute's Sex Research library, if you've come from HuffPo to find that. I'd tell you to click on it to enlarge, but given the context, I'm afraid I might make you giggle.

Comments are open below, let's encourage people to travel and make a difference in the swing states! Tell me some of your very favorite activities in Ohio, Indiana, and Florida, and I'll add them to a later post. (It can be anything, a great restaurant, a great museum, a great whatever.) And also, please, send your suggestions for Nevada, North Carolina, Missouri and Virginia. 

One thought on “Travel for Obama –The Huffington Post, 10/8/08

  1. If you are planning a trip to plant your boots on the ground in Nevada for Obama, Carson City is a must. Fly into Reno (always cheap on Southwest) hop in a rental car, and head south along the 395. Less than 30 minutes later, you’ll find yourself in a real, quaint, Western town.

    Park right in front of the silver-domed statehouse, and query locals on a real Main Street, USA. Try your luck at one of the old-time casinos, and then sit down to one of their prime rib dinner specials.

    And don’t forget to bring your copy of Hot Springs of the West – you’ll want a long soak in one of Nevada’s many natural or developed hot springs after a long day of canvasing…

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