Daybook: The Carefully Curated Web

This past week, I spent a couple of afternoons with my grandparents. They're in their 90s, and live in a way cooler neighborhood than I do –they're right in Greenwich Village –and I'm lucky to be just a few subway stops away from them. 

On my way down to their apartment, I stopped at a newsstand and bought a copy of the New York Times for my grandfather. On the subway, I glanced at the front page and realized that buying a newspaper –in paper –is something that I hadn't done in years. It felt nice to hold newsprint in my hands, but I immediately dismissed the idea of going back to reading the paper, in paper. Leaving nostalgia aside, I'm much more broadly and diversely informed with my 150 blog feeds each day (including the New York Times!) than I was a few years ago when I had the newspaper delivered to my door.

Of course, the problem with all of this info is sorting through the sheer volume. To that end, why not check out  the stories and posts that I like the best each day? There's a link to it on the left, and you can also subscribe to the RSS feed on that page.)

From today's curated link collection, I've gotten some ideas to pursue in coming weeks. There's this one on  Seoul’s Noryangjin Marine Products Market, which has inspired me to put together a piece l on other markets I've enjoyed throughout the world –I'll do it for Huffington Post, hopefully this week.  I just cannot get enough of stories about space tourism, which means I should write some more about it,  and this story on airport design reminded me of a company I met in New Zealand in 2007 which specializes in the design of airports as public spaces. Speaking of design, I stayed at the Hotel Valley Ho last week in Scottsdale, which is a master of mid-century design, and Preservation magazine had a nice piece on it.

In the good read department, check out this essay about a walk in Madison and psychogeography, a harrowing story about a murder in Chiapas.  I'll be setting my TiVo to record this new reality luxury TV show, First Class all the Way.

And because it would be totally disingenuous to claim otherwise, I'm really completely obsessed with what's gong to happen on Tuesday night. Election Day! Vote Vote Vote!  Here's a good story that looks at how the election will affect travel.