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Daybook: Bride in Stress, Where’s My Dress?

Maybe it's because I watched that incredibly horrible Katherine Heigl movie 27 Dresses on TV last night.  More likely, it's because I am one of those peculiar females  born without the wedding gene, but I find this story about brides picketing this bankrupt bridal shop pretty funny/horrifying. ("Bride in Stress, Where's My Dress" is a sign that one lady carried.)

I'm by no means against marriage, but I really do dislike big cookie cutter weddings, which always strike me as a giant cliché  bundled up inside a dress-up masquerade. (My own wedding had as many guests as the number of years I've been happily married: 13.)

It's not just that I find big weddings boring, it's also that I think that the quest to find the right band, dress, centerpiece, etc., have exactly nothing to do with what goes into having a happy marriage. And I also think the notion of creating one "perfect" day is ridiculous. There's no such thing as perfect.

So in Millburn, NJ, we've got bridal shop that's gone bankrupt –in an economy that is claiming many victims. I have no idea how the bridal shop owner ran her business, but it seems to me that the real life consequences of bankruptcy are far more serious for the owner and her employees than a bride not getting her dress.  Not that it doesn't really suck that these women didn't get a refund on their dresses as of yet, but my bet is that exactly none of them are walking down the aisle naked. 

The absurd inflation of the importance of a wedding day (combined with socially sanctioned bridal self-obsession) is
perfectly encapsulated in the comments of one bride at the end of the article:  "We hope no one
has to
suffer the way we did in a time where happiness should come first." That's suffering? Really?

Oh and I don't let grooms off the hook, either.


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