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Mag-a-Love: The Sun, November 2008

So actually, this is the post I meant to write today, before I got all caught up in being irritable over the state of modern magazines.

I have a magazine I like! And one that I even bought.

The Sun is a literary mag, tagline: personal, provocative, ad-free. It's been around for more than 30 years, and it runs consistently interesting, consistently high-quality stories. It's highly lauded. It doesn't suck.

Two stories from the issue worth a read:

* Bad Luck is Good Luck, by Stewart Brinton. Not available online, so you'll have to go buy the magazine to read this story about a trip he took down to Mazatlan, Mexico, in a secondhand Volkswagen van he names Helga, who is perhaps an evil entity.
*Where Water Comes From, by Kathryn Kefauver.   Also not available online. I loved this essay about what it's like to watch your mother dating, post divorce, plus Ram Dass, pedicures, and an Aunt Susie who wants to be called "Hope".