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A Visit to Borough Market: BlackBerry Pics


When I'm traveling, I carry around a proper camera, and on this morning's foodie tour of Borough Market in London, led by Sudi Piggot, I took a whole bunch of pictures.

These are not those pictures.

As anyone who has ever spent any time with me knows, I always have my BlackBerry in my hand. I use the camera all the time, usually to share in real-time what I'm seeing with Phil, and a few friends.  It's a good way to stay connected when you're on the road.


The pictures that I take with my camera are either to accompany my stories or to serve as a kind of visual note-taking. The pictures I take with my phone are more a reflection of the interests of the people that I'm sending them to.   So, for instance, above is a picture of a cheese tasting at Neal's Yard Dairy. I tasted a cheddar with crystals in it, which is high on my list of my favorite things in life.


And here is a picture of the cheese counter.

The people I'm close to love cheese enough that they had to be informed of my presence in this place immediately. You can't see it in this picture, but the windows are wet with condensation, because the shelves full of blue cheese fermenting are giving off heat.  I think I have a nice shot of that with the real camera, which is, as yet, undownloaded onto the laptop, so I can't share it.


I've blogged earlier about the hilarity of foreign signs. This one made me giggle, and I do like to share a giggle. I'm still a little jet-lagged so I'm not sure whether I'll still find fish-slapping funny tomorrow.

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