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Why I Can’t Go to a Topless Bar in Vegas

I'm going to Las Vegas tomorrow, and so over the past few weeks have squeezed in a little background research and reading.

I've really been enjoying The Movable Buffet, the LA Times' Vegas blog. (Incidentally and coincidentally, I just re-read A Moveable Feast, so extra-love the pun.)  A few weeks ago, Richard Abowitz blogged about how many topless bars in Vegas don't admit women who are unescorted by a man.  He speculates that the fear is that unescorted women are either jealous wives, or more likely, hookers. 

I have no great desire to go to a topless bar, but I have to admit that this little fact has stuck in mind for some reason. I think it's because of the contradictory thoughts that it sparks in my mind. Most feminists would disapprove of strip clubs, I dare say, but it annoys me in a feminist, Susan B. Anthony kind of a way, that I can't go into a topless bar all by myself if I feel like it, just because I'm a woman!   In a bizarre-o world kind of a way, this strikes me as a policy that the Taliban would enact if they were running strip clubs.


2 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Go to a Topless Bar in Vegas

  1. This discrimination comes from the minds of men (obviously) who think that any woman who has had more than one intimate encounter is a whore and a man who has had many women is a stud. It’s Vegasbaby, and it’s still 1955.

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