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Flee for Your Life Decidedly

It seems I have had some odd travel karma in 2008: two places that I visited became terrorist targets.

One, the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower in Mumbai, and the other, more recently, Printemps, the Parisian department store , which was evacuated after five sticks of dynamite were discovered in the men’s department, just a week after I enjoyed steak tartare and rich hot chocolate under the store’s beautiful stained-glass dome in the ninth floor Brasserie.

I say, “it seems” that I have this odd karma, because although I haven’t crunched the numbers, I travel enough that it seems statistically likely that a least a few of the places that I visit each year will have bad things happen to them. I’m not paranoid.

Not paranoid much, at least, because this piece on an unusual hotel amenity caught my eye. Apparently, the Aloft hotel in Beijing offers its guests a gas mask.

The instructions are useful, especially point #5. (What happened to point #4, I wonder, hopefully it wasn’t too important.)

1. Take out the fire fighting filter type self-saving breather.
2. Tear at the packaging bag of the fire fighting filter type self-saving breather.
3. Wear helmet and pull contractive belt fast.
5. Choose way and flee for your life decidedly.

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