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Tourists of Evil Omen?

A couple of days ago, I discussed my odd travel karma of having been in a few places this past year that became victims of terror attacks.

Well,  this couple has me beat.  Jason and Jenny Cairns-Lawrence were in New York City for 9/11, London for the attacks of July 7th, 2005, and then in Mumbai this past November. the original newspaper story, evidently published by the Sunday Mercury on December 20th, has been making its way around the internet.

I’ve become a little fascinated by this couple, and have learned that they’re from Dudley in the West Midlands of England. Jason is a 42 year old sales manager, Jenny is a 26 year old dental laboratory assistant.  (The Mercury article describes them as “holiday-loving”, so I assume they’ve also traveled to other places in the past eight years that haven’t become terrorist targets? Which would tend to dilute their power as “evil omens”, but I suppose that would ruin the story.)

Jenny said:

“I would say that Mumbai sprang back to its feet faster than New York or London…New York took almost a week to come back to normal. But Mumbai was back to its usual business from day three. It was just amazing. As I looked around, it was impossible to tell that such a ghastly thing had happened. In New York people carried the look of terror in their eyes for weeks after the carnage. In London, the police appeared more scared than the people.”

The couple is now joking about following the “terror trail” around the world, and I must say, this is an attitude I admire.


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