Going Off Grid, It Ain’t Easy

So I am here on Petit St.Vincent, where I was supposed to be on an enforced media fast: no cell phone, no BlackBerry, no internet. Out of force of habit, and because my phone is my watch, I looked at good ol’ BlackBerry on arrival day before yesterday, and there it was: a full signal.
Turns out there’s a new cell tower on neighboring Petit Martinique. Also there’s a computer in the basement of the office with internet, although this is neither advertised nor encouraged.And if you talk on a cell phone in a public area, the staff will ask you to stop. (Or so I’m told! This hasn’t happened to me.)
I haven’t used that computer and I’ve been trying not to use BB here too much. (I couldn’t resist Twitter updates, so since those feed in here, I figured I should explain my not-quite-off-grid-iness)
I’m not sure there are a whole lot of places left in this world where you can be off the grid simply by virtue of going there. The only fool-proof method to avoid modern telecom? Use the off button.

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