I’m Interviewed on The Golden Pencil

Daybook - Thoughts and Musings

Last week, Jenny Cromie, of the highly useful blog The Golden Pencil, interviewed me for her “Successful Freelancer Spotlight”.

This is a nice extension to my bio, I think, so I’ll be adding a link to the interview there as well. Speaking of “well”, well, I can see in this interview that I use that word way too often and will make it a resolution to stop doing that, well, soon.

I am fairly blunt in several places here, and I do wonder whether reading this will make editors more or less inclined to work with me. For example, I describe the process of writing for women’s magazines as a “sorority gang-bang”.  On the other hand, I haven’t said anything here that I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying to any editor directly. And frankly, if an editor can’t deal with my take on things, then that’s not an editor that I’ll be happy working with. (And vice versa.)

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