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Bacon for Dessert, Talk about Pigging Out

I was checking out the new cheap eats site, 3 Buck Bites, a new endeavor of Citysearch, when it caught my eye: chocolate-covered bacon at Ronie-Sue’s Bakery in lower Manhattan, which costs a mere dollar.

It reminded me of the ongoing trend of using bacon in dessert. It probably started in 2006, at Fat Duck, in the U.K., with Chef Heston Blumenthal’s bacon and egg ice cream.  This Time article traces the trend forward through bacon cupcakes, bacon baklava, chocolate bread pudding with bacon crème anglaise. It projects it forward to a continuing melding of the sweet and savory: foie gras with  cotton candy, shrimp with salted caramels. Another trend article from the CSM here.

Personally, I’ve seen this meat n’ sweet trend here and there, and it’s always talked about in a wide-eyed “this is the wackiest thing ever!” tone.  But since I’m a person who doesn’t love ultra-sweet things for dessert — give me a cheese plate and a tiny bit of dark chocolate and I’m very happy — it all makes perfect sense to me. So happily,  it’s not going away any time soon. In the last week, I learned about “Man Bait”, maple and bacon lollipops by Das Foods. And the Fat Duck’s Chef Blumenthal, who still offers his bacon and egg ice cream, continues his sweet/savory innovations with pommery grain mustard ice cream, and cumin caramel served atop chocolate sorbet. (And the restaurant has re-opened after its recent mysterious food poisoning outbreak.)


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