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White House Vegetable Garden: Alice Waters’ Victory?

In today’s Huffington Post, I look at the role that famed restaurateur Alice Waters has played in the Obama’s new vegetable garden.It’s a move that’s been hailed by many as a victory for Waters, and, as I point out in the piece, a claim that others have questioned.

I linked to the best of the naysayers in HuffPo, so here I’m linking to a selection of those who either say or imply that the vegetable garden is a Water’s victory.

  • “Alice Waters, the nation’s leading advocate for sustainable agriculture, has been pushing for the Obamas to take the lead on food policy and plant a garden, most recently on CBS’ “60 Minutes.” ABC News, 3/20/09
  • “Somewhere, Alice Waters is high-fiving Michael Pollan.” The Food Section, 3/19/09
  • “Such a White House garden has been a dream of noted California chef Alice Waters, considered a leader in the movement to encourage consumption of locally grown, organic food.” AP 3/19/2009
  • Today is the day that Alice Waters and other Slow Food supporters have been waiting for: the Obamas will begin planting a garden on the White House lawn, the first such victory garden to be created since the one Eleanor Roosevelt planted during World War II. Yumsugar, 3/20/09
  • “Nothing could be more exciting,” said Alice Waters, chef of Chez Panisse in Berkeley, Calif., who has been lobbying for a garden on the White House lawn since the first Clinton administration. The Washington Post 3/20/09

2 thoughts on “White House Vegetable Garden: Alice Waters’ Victory?

  1. Really suprised to see Ms Obama start an old-school garden that wastes water, offers poor yields, promotes topsoil erosion, and reduces oxygen producing grass.

    Its a shame that they didn’t read on modern gardening and install a nice square-foot garden. A square-foot garden uses 20% of the space and 10% of the water of a traditional garden, but with 100% of the yield. Not to mention they look far nicer.

    Its much easier to convince Americans to install a 3- or 4-foot box of food than the monstrosity they’re building in the South Lawn. Especially since theres no digging or tilling involved.

    Also, the WH garden is not organic as it doen’t meet federal standards for organic. Use of the the term organic by the WH is likely a violation of federal law.

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