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Helpful or Trouble: Tiffany’s New iPhone App – Luxist

I think weddings are stupid.

I don’t have anything against marriage, in fact, I’m totally for it, having happily been a Mrs. since 1996. But all the hooplah that leads up to a wedding, starting with elaborate engagement scenarios and ending with cookie cutter, insert-bride, insert-groom here affairs, makes me itch. Trust me: none of it has anything to do with what your actual marriage will be like. If anything, it would seem fairly tragic if your engagement and wedding were the high point of your life, which should, after all, go on for a very long time.

So it was with a certain amount of perverse fascination that I signed up to preview the new engagement ring iPhone app from Tiffany the other day. I think I gave it a fair review. See what you think.


3 thoughts on “Helpful or Trouble: Tiffany’s New iPhone App – Luxist

  1. I keep hearing this about tourism being affected, but flights and hotels are not becoming any cheaper – not very encouraging for people who want to travel.Why these small posts? You really busy?

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