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Melbourne’s Hidden Secrets – Luxist

I don’t tend to think of myself as the group tour type, but I started to rethink my attitude after I took a Hidden Secrets Lanes and Arcades Tour in Melbourne, Australia, a few weeks ago….read more on Luxist.

An aside: I loved the graffiti we encountered on the tour, and I was sorely tempted to use one of these photos to illustrate my Luxist piece, but it would have been off-point.

I’ve long been fascinated with street art, probably owing to the fact that I was loosely part of a group of bad-ass kids that “tagged up” in the early 90s. I never wielded the can myself, but one guy rendered my first name in awesome graffiti-style on my t-square. (Bronx Science required all students to take mechanical drawing. I did an exploded view of a cigarette lighter as my final project. And I transferred out not long after that.)


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