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Summer Berries –

Photo of Strawberries

When I was a kid, I spent a couple of full summers living in a hotel — Mohonk Mountain House, which wasn’t as expensive then as it is now.  Mohonk became my country idyll, and it did feel like a homecoming when I got married there. (As I’ve previously noted my feelings about weddings, I will say that my own wedding was quite small — less than 15 people, I bought my dress at JC Penney, I have no regrets.  Although, the rabbi we engaged turned out to be a fraud. But that’s a story for a different day.)

I got to know the rhythm of hotel life in a different way, staying in a guest room for a couple of months. Perhaps that’s why I’m quite comfortable spending a substantial portion of my nights on the road.

Anyway, Mohonk was where I had my first summer berry picking experiences — blueberries grow wild there along the many hiking trails.

This past weekend, Phil and I went to Ellsworth Farm in Sharon, Connecticut. It’s now strawberry season, and the 10 pounds we picked became approximately 20 jars of preserves later that day. Tips for happy berry picking can be found here.


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