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Germany’s Fairy Tale Forest and an Unexpected City – Luxist

Photo by Alison Stein Wellner


Although I’d never before been to the Schwarzwald, or the Black Forest, in Southwestern Germany, it felt immediately, and somewhat eerily familiar. It turns out that these woods were the setting for many of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, and as I drove from Baden Baden to my destination, Traube Tonbach hotel in Baiersbronn, I half expected to see Hansel and Gretel threading their way through the tall pine trees, or Little Red Riding Hood making her way to grandmother’s house.

I didn’t see any of those characters, but I did find a fantasy of food at Traube Tonbach. It does look a little like Ye Olde Hotel when you pull up to it, and that’s because it is. The first lumberjacks were offered sustenance in 1789, and it’s been a destination since the 1920s. Read more on Luxist.

After emerging from the fairy tale forest, I spent a couple of nights in Stuttgart, which has lately experienced street protests, a less than common phenomenon in this part of Germany. Here’s a small story that ran on Luxist about that, and an earlier story about Stuttgart’s hot cars and red wine.


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