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Liberty and Equality for All? — Perceptive Travel

Call it a contradiction, call it hypocrisy, call it blasphemy, but there’s no getting around the inconvenient truth that the United States, a country founded on the principle of equal rights for all,  did not begin to provide equal rights for all people at its founding. While even the most casual students of American history are aware that many of the Founding Fathers were also slave holders, it’s not something that our major historic monuments tend to dwell on the subject in great detail — it’s such a patriotic buzz kill. *

But on December 15th, 2010  The President’s House,  in Philadelphia will open, steps away from The Liberty Bell.  It doesn’t duck the issue of slave-holding among the founders — it squarely addresses it, while commemorating the lives of the people who lived in bondage while their owners labored to create a “free” nation.

I got a peek at it last week, behind a chain link fence protecting the construction site…

Read more at Perceptive Travel


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