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Like Riding a Bike: On Learning as an Adult (Amazon)

Learning to Ride a Bike as an Adult: Cover I am very pleased to announce the publication of Like Riding a Bike: On Learning as an Adult, from Curious World Books. It’s now available on Amazon, and available soon wherever ebooks are sold.

This is my confession the story of how I learned to ride a bike at the ancient old age of 34.

I was not a natural. I was not graceful. I was not gracious. I did cry a little. And I have a very patient husband.

Like Riding a Bike is also a compendium of the best resources I could find for adult learners, from psychological tips on learning any new activity as an adult, to how to find a cycling instructor, from the basic physics of a bicycle to how to teach yourself.

If you’ve ever tried to learn a new physical activity as an adult — or tried to teach someone — I hope you’ll find something valuable in this quick read. And most of all, I hope it inspires a few more adults to conquer their fears and finally learn to ride a bike this season.


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