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Duck Pie in Paris – About

  There was nothing not to love about this “duck pie”, which I enjoyed at Hotel le Bristol, Paris.  The memory of it, along with other delicacies enjoyed on my most recent trip to the city this past January,  are encouraging me to press on to the finish line and wrap up my coverage for About.  (Of course, I also went to Bordeaux on that trip, so I am trying not to think about the copious notes and photos still untouched on my computer — but I need to take a slight break from France to write about BBQ. As one does.)

If you’ve missed it, there have been stories on the new O Château wine bar, and the champagne bar at Hotel Le Dohkan, as well as a report of a romantic breakfast at Le Meurice.  As well, a photographic tour of Galeries Lafayette Gourmet (for which I was specially escorted, as they do not permit photography in their store),  and photo essays on Parisian sweets and Parisian gourmet shopping, as well as a previously mentioned essay on the history of French chocolate.

J’adore la France, obviously. I may be heading back there this Autumn.


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