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Travel Like Me to Toronto

So a few weeks ago, I agreed to participate in a rather cool project with Canadian Tourism, American Express, Travel+Leisure, in which I would create an itinerary for a trip to Toronto, which they would then use as a prize in a sweepstakes. Basically, you enter to win the trip I’ve designed  — I’m the Free Spirit — and if you win, you get said trip.  All expenses paid, which will make you an even freer Free Spirit. You can enter through December 15th, 2011.

I’m going to test drive that trip, in November, and write all about so you can see whether you would like to walk in my shoes. Speaking of shoes, I already know I am going to go on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Bata Shoe Museum — yes, an entire museum dedicated to shoes! Because as it is well known, this Free Spirit likes herself a shoe.

There’s all sorts of details on how the sweepstakes works.  More as it happens.


7 thoughts on “Travel Like Me to Toronto

  1. Cool contest, Alison! (Although I must say it’s a bit funny that it’s billed as “Explore Canada Like a Local” when none of you are local.) Your trip looks fantastic, yum. Enjoy!

  2. Oh that’s a good point, Eva! I forgot to mention that the site has loads of activities suggested by locals, and I’m crafting my itinerary from those suggestions…

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