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Scenes from Toronto

I’m back from Toronto, and a super fun and fabulous itinerary which you can enter to win.

A few photos I took during the trip. In retrospect, it something of a celebration of abundance.

In the Bata Shoe Museum’s storage closet

Curator's Tour of the Bata Shoe Museum's Artifact Storage



At Liliput Hats

Visiting Le Dolci’s cupcake decorating class…

Bar snacks at TOCA Bar, The Ritz-Carlton…

Dinner at Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill…

Starfish oyster plate


2 thoughts on “Scenes from Toronto

  1. I see you had a wonderful time in Toronto and I’m happy for you although I have to admit that I envy you, especially the visit of the Bata Shoe Museum as I am a notorious lover of the Bata shoes. If I went to Toronto, I’d be very eager to attend one of Toronto’s outstanding movie festivals and enjoy its film culture.

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