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Volcano! Thoughts on Visiting Mt. St. Helens

At Perceptive Travel, I’ve written about my longstanding fascination with volcanoes.

I recently visited Mt. St. Helens with a couple of friends, and it is very possible that I chanted VOL-CANE-OH! more than a few times in the car ride from Portland. (I have very patient friends.)

My favorite part of the trip is when you pass the sign that says “Blast Zone,” which is often described as the thin line between life and death on May 18th, 1980.  Or maybe it’s seeing the remains of giant trees driven into the mountain side.

Mt St Helens Knocked Down Trees

Anyway, I got all the way through writing the essay before I realized I’d touched on some of the same themes previously, on the 30th anniversary of the eruption. Oh well.

Also I should point out that volcanoes aren’t the only morbid interest that I cultivated in childhood. I was also obsessed with nuclear war and The Holocaust. I was a sunny, funny kid.

See more about dark tourism.



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