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Recovering My Hudson Valley Year


You won’t find much about the close-to-a-year I lived in Columbia County, a.k.a. “the country,” on this blog. As I mentioned previously, I decided to delete the posts I wrote while I lived there. I regret that — I wasn’t really in my right mind at the moment I hit delete.

But some record of this time does still exist.

I realized this today, when I wrote about an unexpected and brief return to Hudson, NY, the small city where I did my business when I lived in Columbia County. (I also wrote about the town for BBC Travel last year, but for the good of all concerned I didn’t include anything about my personal drama.)

I then remembered that I wrote a couple of pieces, for instance, about the car I’d acquired. And about the Harlem Valley Rail Trail, which I did adore. So there is some record of my time there; as far as my writing is concerned, it was not a total loss.

And of that I am glad.


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