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All-Terrain Travel, Worth, April-May 2015

One of the ironies of travel writing is that as you’re slaving over your words — slaving, I tell you!– you’re usually not in as glamorous a setting as the ones you’re writing about. I wrote this feature for Worth while I was in Lake Placid over President’s Day weekend. Not so shabby, except for… Continue reading All-Terrain Travel, Worth, April-May 2015

Alison's Writing Portfolio · On Places & Travel

Pacific Time — Worth, February-March 2015

“The East Coast is just a rough draft for the West Coast.” This is something I started saying about fifteen years ago, because, like the pioneers, I was totally enchanted by the idea of better living on the Pacific Ocean. In California, my troubles would be more manageable, since things could be sorted out in… Continue reading Pacific Time — Worth, February-March 2015

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Fractured Family Passover Cookbook

Collage is one of my favorite art forms, because it is so much like writing creative nonfiction, for which you assemble and gather words and stories that exists in other forms – in writing, this would be research from books, studies, extractions from people’s thoughts via interviews. I’m of course not the first to notice… Continue reading Fractured Family Passover Cookbook

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Recovering My Hudson Valley Year

You won’t find much about the close-to-a-year I lived in Columbia County, a.k.a. “the country,” on this blog. As I mentioned previously, I decided to delete the posts I wrote while I lived there. I regret that — I wasn’t really in my right mind at the moment I hit delete. But some record of… Continue reading Recovering My Hudson Valley Year