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On Journals and Being a Moron

This May marks my 99th month of keeping a daily journal electronically. Before this, and ever since I graduated from college, I used notebooks for this purpose (college ruled, five subject, I’d tear out the dividers). There are boxes upon boxes of these in my uncle’s shed upstate. Someday, I’ll need to revisit them and… Continue reading On Journals and Being a Moron

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Pacific Time — Worth, February-March 2015

“The East Coast is just a rough draft for the West Coast.” This is something I started saying about fifteen years ago, because, like the pioneers, I was totally enchanted by the idea of better living on the Pacific Ocean. In California, my troubles would be more manageable, since things could be sorted out in… Continue reading Pacific Time — Worth, February-March 2015

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On Jewelry Made from Human Remains

A tiny tooth is embedded in the center of gold ring. It’s set amid sparkling stones, so it’s not immediately apparent that the cream-colored fragment is, in fact, a child’s tooth. The idea behind this ring is not grotesque, but sentimental –- a semi-precious bit of a little darling.  And the child didn’t bite the… Continue reading On Jewelry Made from Human Remains

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On Sensory Pleasures, Writing in the Air and also William Blake

If you see me walking down the street, and you are very observant, you will notice two things: I’m gently frowning (this is something that I will need to work on as I stare down the barrel of my 40th birthday; it’s definitely going to stick that way); and my fingers are subtly moving, as… Continue reading On Sensory Pleasures, Writing in the Air and also William Blake