What my students say:

Not only am I inspired to delve deeper into my writing, I feel like I have a really clear direction to get started. Thank you for all of the helpful information. I got a lot out of today. – Jonathan Shiller.

Thanks for a fantastic class yesterday.  I knew that tips from someone who has slogged away in many trenches would be well worth the trip up to NYC from DC.  And it was. I came home inspired anew to sharpen my ideas and pitch away. I wish I could bottle your energy and spray some when I need a boost…and did I mention that your class sparked a lot of new ideas? – Sandra Yin

Thank you so much for today’s class. It was very informative, helpful and empowering. I’m really glad I signed up for it and am thankful to have had such a rockstar instructor.  – Nikki Ho-Shing

Alison, honestly, you have been the best!  You have a great sense of humor, and through it all you kept the tone light and fun.

Your feedback to me was especially insightful — it was instrumental to getting [my memoir essay] done, and finding an editor who loved it. It will be published this Fall! You have a well-honed BS monitor that kept me writing honestly.

I am feeling much more confident about my ability to write, my voice, and my choice of pursuing this writing career.  A little bit of confidence goes a long way in writing, it seems.  — Annie Fenn

Where I Teach:

  • The Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences: Where I am an adjunct professor. (Fancy!) It’s my honor to help tomorrow’s medical professionals learn how to write clearly, which I believe helps them to think more clearly too.
  • The Well: A really cool women’s learning center in the heart of Brooklyn, where I teach an in-person course called “Write Like a Boss.”
  • Gotham Writers’ Workshop: In New York City, I teach live one-day classes, and online I ten-week classes, from anywhere.
  • The Arts Center of the Capital Region: In Troy, New York, I taught The Business of Freelance Writing, and Devour the World: Food and Travel Writing.
  • Private workshops: I take on a very limited number of  students for individual coaching and private instruction. Email me at alisonstein at gmail.com if you’re interested.

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