What my students say:

Not only am I inspired to delve deeper into my writing, I feel like I have a really clear direction to get started. Thank you for all of the helpful information. I got a lot out of today. – Jonathan Shiller.

Thanks for a fantastic class yesterday.  I knew that tips from someone who has slogged away in many trenches would be well worth the trip up to NYC from DC.  And it was. I came home inspired anew to sharpen my ideas and pitch away. I wish I could bottle your energy and spray some when I need a boost…and did I mention that your class sparked a lot of new ideas? – Sandra Yin

Thank you so much for today’s class. It was very informative, helpful and empowering. I’m really glad I signed up for it and am thankful to have had such a rockstar instructor.  – Nikki Ho-Shing

Alison, honestly, you have been the best!  You have a great sense of humor, and through it all you kept the tone light and fun.

Your feedback to me was especially insightful — it was instrumental to getting [my memoir essay] done, and finding an editor who loved it. It will be published this Fall! You have a well-honed BS monitor that kept me writing honestly.

I am feeling much more confident about my ability to write, my voice, and my choice of pursuing this writing career.  A little bit of confidence goes a long way in writing, it seems.  — Annie Fenn

Where I’ve Spread my Teachings:

  • The Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences: Where I am an adjunct professor. (Fancy!) It’s my honor to help tomorrow’s medical professionals learn how to write clearly, which I believe helps them to think more clearly too.
  • Skillshare: An online learning community with thousands of classes. I was a student here, sucking up the amazing illustration and art content,  long before I was asked to teach.  My class here is called 5 Techniques to Generate Creative Writing Ideas, and it’s all about generating prompts for your own writing. (Plus, in the intro video, you get to see my dog! And my studio!)  Click here for two months of free access to my class and all the classes on the site.
  • The Well: A really cool women’s learning center in the heart of Brooklyn, where I taught an in-person creative writing and blogging courses.
  • Gotham Writers’ Workshop: In New York City, I teach live one-day classes, and online ten-week classes, from anywhere.
  • The Arts Center of the Capital Region: In Troy, New York, I taught The Business of Freelance Writing, and Devour the World: Food and Travel Writing.
  • Private workshops: I take on a very limited number of  students for individual coaching and private instruction. Email me at alisonstein at gmail.com if you’re interested.

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